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High-speed steel.

High-speed steel.

Tool steel encompasses the group of steel grades that are suitable for making tools to process other materials. These specific types of steel often meet the highest requirements in terms of strength, wear resistance, and hardenability.

Applications can be found in areas such as mold making, special drives, cutting machines, and similar applications.

The 3 most common types are:

  • Water hardening grades
  • Oil hardening grades
  • Air hardening grades

Why Jominy Makes a Difference in the Chain.

Direct Access to Top European Steel Producers

Doing business with the steel producer without intermediaries. The chance of making mistakes decreases as there are fewer links in the chain.

Cost Optimization

Why pay extra for storage and handling when it can be delivered directly? Avoid unnecessary costs in the metal chain and start saving today.

Involvement in Every Step of the Order Process

Jominy monitors the entire purchase process from request to payment follow-up. This way, you are completely taken care of.

Decades of Experience with Steel Products

Benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience in steel applications. We collaborate with you on tolerances, applicability, and alternatives to deliver the ideal steel solution.

No Compromises on Quality

We only supply raw materials that meet the correct EN standards, including European regulations such as 2011/65/EU RoHS II and 1907/2006 Reach, which are mentioned on the material certificates.

Sales with a Plus (Trading+)

For advice on streamlining material needs, product development, diameter optimization, EN standards, and more, you can rely on us.

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High-speed steel

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